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Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

Your work is important.  Enhance your skills in effectively reaching an audience to share meaningful information about that work: make a lasting impression, invite more participation, call people to action.  Speaking competently to a group of people doesn't have to feel daunting; it should be generous, joyful and positively empowering.  

Whether you are a seasoned public speaker working to refine your skills, or you have cleverly avoided public speaking your whole life, Kendra provides coaching services that will ensure your confidence in the whole process and give you the tools to inspire your audience.   Register for Harnessing the Butterflies: Public Speaking with Clarity & Confidence, a professional development workshop on July 23 in Ellsworth.

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Everyday Writing for the Professional

We can all use another pair of eyes on our writing and daily electronic communication.  With years of writing and editing experience, Kendra can advise you in your professional written communication.  Get immediate feedback and versatile tips for better everyday writing, with an emphasis in

  • a reader-centered approach to writing and editing

  • clarity in your message

  • excellence in grammar and punctuation

  • achieving your goals in written communication

  • mindfulness in email and social media communication

Register for Graceful Grammar & Punch Punctuation: Everyday Writing for your Business or Organization, a professional development workshop on July 30 in Ellsworth.

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Workshops & Individualized Coaching

Consider these options to take your communication skills to the next level:

  • personalized, one-on-one coaching to help see a speech, presentation or written project through to success

  • a small group workshop, customized for your business or organization

  • a small group workshop open to the public in your community--see upcoming